Frequently asked questions:

Do you use dynamite to extract the lime?

No, we use a bulldozer.

How much is Pakohe Lime per tonne? 

Ring Rob or Jamie for our current price of products.

My farm/lifestyle block consultant/fertiliser rep has recommended a custom blend with added minerals, can you help?

Yes we can.

Is your agricultural lime “certified” as organic?

Yes we are BioGro organically certified, our certification number is 6128.

I only need a small amount of lime, can you help?

Whether you have one paddock or one hundred hectares, we can supply what you need. Small and big orders welcomed.

If you put my agricultural lime on my trailer – how do you weigh it?

We have certified scales on our loader.

Which agricultural lime is the best lime?

The best lime is always the lime closest to you.

Why is that?

The less cartage, the more cost effective for you. We like to say “The more local you source your lime, and the shorter the distance it travels, the bigger your savings.”

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